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As far as the recreational vehicle industry goes, the Norcold, Atwood, and Dometic brands produce some of the best RV refrigerators for sale. Their product lines include gas absorption refrigerators, 2-way and 3-way AC/DC RV refrigerator models, portables etc. They also manufacture various RV replacement parts including control boards, cooling units, panels, and more. Browse all our camper fridge products below.

RV appliances have changed considerably since the early days of the recreation vehicle industry. The modern appliances of today are more efficient, reliable, and feature packed. The RV refrigerators for sale today are light years ahead, in terms of technology, of their "Ice Box" ancestors from many moons ago.

The Norcold refrigerator I had in my fifth wheel camper was a pretty decent model. It wasn't the most up to date model, as it was from the 1990's, but it did have digital controls and all. I forget off the top of my head what the cubic footage was, but it was certainly adequate for my needs at the time.

Atwood RV Refrigerators for Sale

Atwood is one of the better known manufacturers of RV and camper replacement parts. They are well known for producing a wide range of quality recreational vehicle products. Among the Atwood products you are likely to run across are: Air conditioners, furnaces, ranges and cooktops, water heaters, refrigerators, and much more.

The Atwood LP Gas & Electric Helium RV Refrigerators are among the best in the industry, and they have a number of state of the art features to please even the most discerning part-time or Full-Time RV'er. Be sure to check out our Atwood refrigerator listings when you get a chance.

Norcold RV Refrigerators for Sale

Thetford Norcold manufactures all three types of RV fridge. Norcold LP Gas Refrigerator, Norcold AC/DC Refrigerator, and also the Norcold AC/DC Portable Refrigerator. All three of these types of recreational vehicle refrigerators range in small to large sizes, and depending on your specific needs; are suitable for motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheel RV applications.

  • Norcold Large RV Refrigerator - Family sized large RV refrigerators like the Norcold PolarMaxRF 2117 RV refrigerator are quite spacious, and should provide well for all your camping food storage needs. The Norcold PolarMaxRF 2117 has 17 cubic feet of refrigeration and is in the category of gas absorption RV Refrigerators.
  • Norcold AC/DC Refrigerators - AC/DC Refrigerators are the next category of RV refrigerators. These recreational vehicle refrigeration units range in size from about 1.7 cubic feet with the Norcold DC-0040/DE-0040/EV-0040 models, up to 7.0 cubic feet on the Norcold DE-0061/EV-0061 model.
  • Norcold AC/DC Portable RV Refrigerators - Generally, the smallest of the recreational vehicle refrigerators is the portable AC/DC RV fridge. These small refrigeration units are easily portable. And, the current Norcold models offer between 1.1 to 2.1 cubic feet of storage space.

So, if you're looking for a Norcold branded RV refrigerator, take a look at the models we have for sale. Visit our Norcold Refrigerators page here.

Dometic RV Refrigerators for Sale

Dometic is a leading RV refrigerator brand in the USA, and they are well-known for their commitment to quality and customer service. Also, Dometic invented RV refrigeration way back in the 1950's, and their current camper fridge product line consists of a rather large number of Dometic RV refrigerator models.

The capacity of their refrigerators for campers and motorhomes range in size from 2 to 12 cubic feet. And, their various models range from portable, compact, large capacity double door refrigerators, and more.

Additionally, depending on the refrigerator model, they may be equipped with various innovative features like: versatile racking system, automatic locking system, eye-level control panels, etc. A few of Dometic's best selling models are listed below:

  • Dometic 2620 Classic
  • Dometic 2820 Classic
  • Dometic 2652 Americana
  • Dometic 2852 Americana
  • Dometic 1402 SideWise

So, if Dometic is your preferred, take a moment to browse through all of our Dometic RV refrigerators. They have a large selection of models and options to suit all of your refrigeration needs.

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