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Looking for new RV awnings for sale? How about replacement RV awning fabric, or parts and accessories? From pop up camper bag awnings, patio awnings, and everything in between; Ridge RV can help you find the camper awning products you're looking for. Carefree, SunWave, Dometic, Shade Pro are just a few... 

When you are traveling around the country looking for a unique RV campground to park your motorhome or travel trailer, the phrase "RV awnings for sale" is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, once you have found the perfect spot for your recreational vehicle, you will quickly find that an RV awning enables you to have a more pleasurable outdoor camping experience.

It goes without saying that RV awnings offer a much needed respite from the blazing sun on those steamy July and August days. In addition, they can be spruced up with optional equipment like LED awning lights, and more! Heck! You can even buy an entire awning screen room to get away from the mosquitoes and other unwelcome pests!

Whether you own a motorhome, fifth wheel travel trailer, or a smaller pull behind camper, it will frequently be equipped with one or more RV awnings, and maybe even a screen room. Most do not come with screen rooms as standard equipment, so this type of accessory or add-on would generally fall into the aftermarket RV replacement parts category.

Picture of Jayco Designer Series 5th Wheel RV

Popular RV Awnings for Sale

There are various types of RV awnings on the market today. They are slideout awnings, and retractable awnings, bag awnings. The latter is the one usually situated at the entry door, and is either manual or an automatic retractable awning.

My Jayco Designer Series 5th wheel camper was not originally equipped with an RV screen room, at least not that I’m aware of. I bought it used in 2012 with the intention to do the full time RV’ing thing for a year or so to save money to buy a house. I did that, and subsequently sold the RV. That’s a picture of my travel trailer to the left.

As you can see, the front retractable awning is gone. It was caught by a strong March wind, and was broken all to hell. I took the remaining pieces, and fashioned a snappy little RV entry door canopy to provide some cover during rainy weather. Just kidding about the "snappy" comment. I know it looks a little hillbilly, but it served its purpose.

The awnings on my camper were getting a little ratty and in need of at least some RV replacement awning fabric when I first bought it. I did not replace the fabric or the awning mechanism prior to selling it. The new owner said he wasn’t terribly concerned about their condition. He was going to use the camper as a bunkhouse on his farm, and would be parking it under a covered area.

Anyway getting back on track...

Slideout RV Awnings

Slideout room RV awnings are great additions to your recreational vehicle. In the case of slideouts, awnings are added to help protect the slideout and slideout gaskets from the elements.

They help to minimize the amount of leaves, sticks, rain, snow, ice, and other debris from getting into the external slideout area. In the case of rain, the awning helps to keep water from pooling on top of the slideout, and it also helps to prevent leakage to the inside of your home on wheels.

Photo of a Jayco Slideout RV Awning

Slideout awnings also help to shade your travel trailer or motorhome slideouts from the sun. Obviously, this helps to keep the temperature cooler in your RV, and it will help your air conditioner run more efficiently.

Newer model recreation vehicles, depending on size, are generally equipped with one or more slideouts. Each slideout will be fitted with a slideout awning that will open or close depending on whether or not the slideout is open or closed.These slideout awnings are in fixed positions, and operate in tandem with the attached slides.Occasionally, the awning fabric and/or assembly will need to be replaced. This is most often due to age and weathering, but sometimes mishandling, neglect, or breakage during transit may also be the culprit.

Not to worry though, you can find aftermarket RV replacement parts for your slideout awnings. There are awning replacement parts ranging from the actual awning fabric to entire slideout RV awning kits. The cost for replacing the entire assembly will run you between $200 - $600 depending on the size and brand.

If you're slide out assembly is in good working condition and can be reused, you can save yourself a nice chunk of change. If you can get by with just replacing the RV awning fabric, your replacement costs will range somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 to $250 per slideout. Prices will generally vary with size, brand, and other variables.

Dometic and Carefree awnings are two brands very widely known in the recreational vehicle industry. They manufacture awning fabric and various parts for a variety of applications. Below are a few of the slideout RV awnings and supplies that are currently available.

  • Dometic RV Awning Complete Slideout Kit Fits 130" To 135-1/4"
  • Carefree Heavy Duty Vinyl Awning Slide Out Fabric On Roller 117"
  • Carefree Uq18962Jv Slideout Awning
  • 30' Slide Out Awning Cover
Photo of a campsite for RV awnings for sale page

Retractable Patio RV Awnings

For most RV's, your main patio awning is normally attached to the entry door side of your recreational vehicle. If you happen to have a larger or more lavish motorhome or travel trailer, your's may have two. However, most are only equipped with one.

Retractable patio RV awnings are nice to have. They help to expand your living area. When you're looking for a nice shady area to cool off on a hot summer day, they can't be beaten. In fact, you can also buy an awning shade screen, sometimes called a shade kit, to help provide shade on the vertical.

On a cool night, it's very relaxing to raise the awning, turn on your LED awning lights, crack open a brew, and kickback in your favorite chair. Or, you can watch a sunset or sunrise with family, friends, or a significant other.

The awning feature is really is a must have. If you don't currently have one on your RV you may not miss it, but if you ever do add one, you'll find that it's a feature you won't want to be without.

On a side note, when the guy I bought my fifth wheel camper from delivered it to my setup location, my patio awning was damaged when it brushed up against a tree. Nothing was severely damaged, but the awning fabric was torn a bit. My suggestion, if you don't already have one, is to buy an RV Patio Awning Cover.

These covers will not only help to protect your awning against in-transit, and "damage while parking" mishaps; they will also help to protect against weathering. They will also greatly extend the life of your awning fabric as most are made of 100% UV resistant Polymer.

Manual RV Patio Awnings

Some RV's are manufactured with automatic retractable patio awnings, and others are equipped with the manual type. My Jayco camper had a manual awning. As I recall, it wasn't difficult to raise and lower, but in retrospect I would probably have preferred an automatic model instead. What can I say? Push-button easy is the way for me!

Most manual patio RV awnings for Sale can be easily operated by one person. You may, from time to time, run across older models that require an extra warm body to operate. If you do, or you are having problems getting your awning to raise or lower, it's probably best to consult the owner's manual for recommended operating instructions.

Don't try to force things! You may end up breaking something, and have a big expense on your hands. Depending on the model, size, and brand, new manual RV awnings are running in the neighborhood of $300 - $1000.

How to Open and Close a Manual Retractable RV Awning

If you have a moment, take a look at the two videos below. They show you how to lower and raise a Carefree patio RV awning. Your camper may have models that are easier or more difficult, but most that you come across will likely be no more difficult than what you see in the videos.

Btw... The videos below show the same type of awning I had on my Jayco Fifth Wheel. Actually, let me rephrase that. It's the same type I had prior to the wind breaking it up! As you can see from the demonstration, It's not that difficult to do.

Video: How to Open a Carefree Patio Awning

Video: How to Close a Carefree Patio Awning

Popular Brands and Models of Manual Patio Awnings for Your RV

As with the slideout room awnings, Carefree of Colorado, and A&E Dometic are probably the two most widely know brands of RV patio awnings. They manufacture a wide variety of sizes and fabrics to accommodate just about any size recreational vehicle you need to buy an awning for.
A&E Dometic, and Carefree manufacture a number of manual patio RV awnings. A few of their popular models are listed below:

  • A&E Dometic 8500 Patio Awning
  • Dometic TrimLine Awnings
  • Carefree Fiesta Vinyl Patio Awning
  • Carefree Freedom Wall Mount Awning

Visit our Carefree Awnings Page

Visit our Dometic Manual Awnings Page

RV Power Patio Awnings

Like I said earlier, "push button easy!" That's what you get when you buy an electric powered RV patio awning. My Jayco 5th Wheel patio awning was not an electric powered type. I'm really not as lazy as being dead set against anything other than powered, but why not make RV'ing and camping as enjoyable as possible. I mean, we all have to do enough during our normal daily life. Shouldn't things be as easy as possible while vacationing?

Below are a few of Girard's, Carefree's and Dometic's popular automatic awnings.

  • Girard G2000 Power RV Patio Awning
  • Dometic 9100 Awning
  • Dometic Weatherpro Awnings
  • Carefree Travel'r Electric Awning
  • 12V Carefree Eclipse Awning

Video: Operation of Electric Powered Awning

Pop Up Camper Bag Awnings

RV Bag Awnings are another type of awning that, depending on your particular recreational vehicle, you may run across from time to time. Bag awnings are generally used in pop up camper applications, but some people also use them on van, pickup truck campers, and other recreation vehicles.

ShadeMaker, Carefree of Colorado, and A&E Dometic, to the best of my knowledge; are the main manufacturers in the camper bag awning arena. There may very well be others, but for now these are the only three I will be focusing on. If in the future I discover other quality brands, I will add them here as well.

So, bag awnings are mostly associated with use on smaller campers, but like I previously said; they are also used in larger applications too. For instance, ShadeMaker awnings makes three different models of bag awning, the Classic, Supreme, and Supreme XL. They range in size from 6' to 8' widths. Carefree of Colorado manufactures what they call the “Campout” awning. It’s available in lengths from 8’5” to 13’1".

These RV awnings for sale, depending on manufacturer, model, and size; are reasonably priced. It appears that the average prices are in the neighborhood of $250 to $500. And, in many instances, these prices also include free shipping. Check out our bag awnings through the links below.

RV Window Awnings

I am not sure how popular these awnings are today. My fifth wheel camper was not equipped with them, and it was built in the 1990’s. Since I have no previous experience with this awning style, I may be completely off the mark when I say, “It seems to me that these window awnings would tend to impede an RV’ers view of their chosen campground.” Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the way it seems to me.

In addition, for my particular tastes, I would probably be more inclined to want to let more light into my camper. I would think these would limit that ability.

I probably sound negative about these awnings, but I don't mean to. It's just that these points are the first things that pop into my mind without ever having any previous experience with them. Again, I may be wrong about this, but I thought I would give you a couple points to ponder before you spend your hard earned money.

If you're looking to replace some old worn out RV awnings for windows, check out our links below.

RV Awning Screen Rooms

Another RV awning category I thought I'd mention is awning screen rooms. These really add additional outdoor space to your RV campsite, and they allow you to escape from all the annoying mosquitoes, and other bugs. Dometic and Carefree Awnings of Colorado are the two primary manufacturers of these camper awning accessories. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs, and your budget.

My used fifth wheel did not have have a Carefree Add-A-Room screen room when I bought it back in 2012. It really wasn't a big deal to me though. I already had a free-standing, pop-up canopy screen enclosure that I set up in the yard when I was living in my camper.

The canopy was nice and all, but I honestly didn't use it very much. I ended up taking it down several months later. Looking back, I think there were two main reasons I didn't use it. First, it was hot and steamy here in Eastern North Carolina at the time. Also, the canopy was setup halfway across the yard, and not connected to the main structure of the RV. Plus, I tend to be a bit of a slave to the air conditioner.