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If you're searching for various doors for RV's, Ridge RV has a number of options available for your review and selection. From manufacturers like Lippert Components (LCI), Dexter Door, and more; we showcase a nice selection new and used door options. From RV entry doors, screen doors, cabinet doors, shower, and cargo doors, and options in between... Find the door you are looking for by clicking the links below!

Types of RV Doors For Sale

​Just off the top of my head, I can think of quite a few different types of doors for RV's. I think when most people think of RV Doors, they usually think of the exterior entry door. Or, maybe what comes to their minds is an RV screen door. That's usually about it.

I think most people, myself included, aren't terribly imaginative when it comes to this topic. Either way, whatever comes to your mind when you combine recreational vehicle and door together; there are more doors than just the RV entry door. Cabinet, shower, and cargo doors are the first three that come to my pea brain. There are more than these, and I will list them below.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble about this any further. My point is that all travel trailers, campers, motorhomes, fifth wheels, and toy haulers; are equipped with a variety of doors for RV's.

RV Entry Doors

RV entry doors are available in a variety of sizes. If you have a newer camper or motorhome, you will generally not have a problem finding a replacement door should the need ever arise.

Depending on the size of your camper, it may be equipped with two RV entry doors. My Jayco 5th wheel only had one entry door, but for emergency purposes, it was also equipped with a Vented Exit Picture Window (VEPW). Generally, at least from my experience, if an RV is equipped with more than one exterior door; the second door is considered an emergency exit door.

Picture of a couple for Doors for RV's page.

Regarding the two door models, one door, the front door; is usually placed in or near the kitchen / living area. The other "emergency door" is often situated in, or close to the bedroom area. I'm sure this isn't a steadfast rule. You may have a camper or motorhome with a different configuration.

Cost of A New RV Entry Door​

​As with all other products, cost will vary based on size, color, construction, brand, and a variety of additional factors. Naturally, I cannot provide an exhaustive pricing list for all entry or other doors for RV's. However, I hope the information below will give a few ballpark prices, and provide a better understanding of what kind of cash outlay you may be looking at in the event you have to purchase an RV replacement door.

So, here are a few pricing examples for you to mull over. I'm rounding here, but these will give you a fairly good idea of what to expect.

  • ​Teardrop camper 26" x 32" entry door - $290
  • Standard RV Exterior Entry Door - $170 - $600
  • Motorhome Exterior Doors - $170 - $1300
  • Toyhauler RV Patio Ramp Door - $1500

Again, the prices above are not written in stone. You may find doors for less, or much more. Hopefully, these are close enough estimates to give you an idea. Also, some of the door sizes which fell into these ranges were 26" x 72", 30" x 72", 30" x 78.5".

RV Screen Doors

Camper screen doors allow light and fresh air to enter the cabin of your travel trailer or motorhome. They also help to keep out mosquitoes, bees, and other bugs and vermin. 

Most camper entry doors and screen doors come as sort of a package deal. Probably a better way to state that is to call it a combo unit. The exterior door contains a built-in RV screen door. This was the way my Jayco camper door was configured.

All of the above said, in the event you ever need to replace your camper screen door, you won't, in general; have to replace the whole door. I say "in general," because I can't account for all door configurations, and all manufacturer decisions.

However, in the vast majority of situations you should be able to buy a "separate" screen door replacement. It wouldn't make much sense to me, and I'm sure most RV'ers would be pissed, to have to go to the expense of replacing the entire door unit when only the screen portion required replacing.

Toy Hauler Ramp Door​

Well, this was one of those doors for RV's that didn't initially cross my mind. What can I say? I didn't own a toy hauler RV. Mine was a Jayco Fifth Wheel camper.​

The ramp door on a toy hauler is the big door on the rear end of the recreational vehicle. It folds down, or out, depending on how you look at it. In any event, it's the entry point for loading and unloading ATV's motorcycles, and other suitable sports type vehicles.

Never having owned a toy hauler RV, I can definitely see how this area would come in handy for socializing, partying etc. It's like having a deck that wouldn't generally be available in other types of recreation vehicles.​

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Party Deck

​Take a look at the RV party deck video below. It's a pretty short video. In fact, it will take less than two minutes of your time to watch. The video provides a brief overview of this add-on system for your toy hauler ramp door.

Well, what did you think? Pretty cool huh? I thought so. I can imagine sitting on the deck after a long day of recreation, drinking a cold brew, and relaxing.

RV Shower Doors for RV's

Another type of door you will find in many recreational vehicles, at least the larger ones equipped with a bathroom, is a shower door. You will usually see these interior shower doors in one of about three designs or styles. The designs I'm referring to are are: folding pleated, glass, or Plexiglas. There may be others too, but I believe these are the types you will see more frequently.

Metal and Glass / Plexiglas Shower Doors​

The glass and Plexiglas type RV shower door looks very similar to a standard residential shower door. Of course, they may be a bit smaller, or of a "space-saving" design, than a standard residential shower door, but the design is essentially the same as others you're familiar with.

My Jayco fifth wheel camper for instance was equipped with a shower door constructed of metal, and as I recall, Plexiglas. I believe the metal was aluminum, but I couldn't swear to it. The metal portion had a brass coating on it, and it was attractive enough.

Folding Pleated RV Shower Door

The pleated "accordion" style, folding shower door is usually made of a PVC material because of the wet conditions associated with shower use. These are very popular staples throughout the RV industry, and they have been around for a long time.

​My personal opinion on these is that I'm not thrilled with them. It's just a personal thing with me, but they remind me of those old accordion doors I used to see in old homes when I was a kid. I was always turned off by them.

Of course, there's a big difference between the paneled accordion doors I'm referring to and these pleated shower doors. The latter has a much more attractive design. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with these types of shower doors, it's just a "thing" with me. 

A Brief Word on Options

Most recreational vehicle shower doors are available in standard white, ivory, brass, chrome, or some combination thereof. I'm sure if you are buying a new or higher-end travel trailer or motorhome that your bathroom and shower / bath tub options for colors and materials are greatly increased. However, I imagine these days that the majority of folks are probably going to be shopping around for used RV's or more modestly priced options.

RV Cabinet Doors

RV cabinet doors are generally located throughout most recreational vehicles. These RV doors on the variety of shapes sizes and colors, and take on the form of: kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom cabinet doors, overhead storage cabinet doors, and other RV doors that may not necessarily be mentioned here.

Kitchen cabinet RV doors, as the name implies; are located in the RV kitchen. These RV cabinet doors are situated in both under the counter and above the counter locations. And, depending on the make, model, and trim level; your RV kitchen cabinets doors may very well be made of real wood.

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