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If you're looking for RV dinette booth replacement cushions, an RV Jack-Knife sofa bed, or other camper furniture for your motorhome or travel trailer, Ridge RV can help you find great deals on discount RV furniture for sale. Browse through our selection of mattress and bedding accessories, swivel recliner chairs, sleeper sofas, and other furnishings. Spruce up your home on wheels today. Click the links below.

Having quality RV furniture is vitally important to the overall comfort of your recreational vehicle. Good RV furnishings can mean the difference between having a cozy camper or a rundown ratty one. Camper parts and supplies can help you on your quest to finding just the right RV recliner, sleeper sofa, Jack-Knife Sofa, and a number of other furnishings and RV replacement parts.

The amount, type, and grade of RV furniture your recreational vehicle will come equipped with will largely depend on the size and type of new or used RV you buy. If you own a luxury motorhome or luxury 5th wheel, the grade of furnishings will be of higher quality than if you choose a more “budget conscious” travel trailer.

Jackknife Sofa Image

In any event, the type of furniture you have in your camper or motorhome will definitely add to the overall comfort of your recreational vehicle. Without a doubt, quality RV furniture will help to make your new vacation home on wheels feel much more cozy and homey.

Besides, if you buy cheap RV replacement furniture that falls apart before the end of the season; you will regret it in the long run. I, as most of us, have purchased regular home furnishings ranging from higher end to moderate quality, to el-cheapo. I've always regretted going "cheap" as I have had to replace the furniture much sooner, and ended up spending more money than if I had bought better quality in the beginning. So, don't just look for the cheap RV furniture for sale.

So, try to avoid the cheap stuff if you can at all help it. The lower the quality RV replacement furniture, the sooner you'll have to replace it. You usually get what you pay for,” and RV furniture is no exception to that age old rule.

RV Sofa’s: RV Furniture for Your Travel Trailer Living Room

If your travel trailer or motorhome is right off the RV dealership lot, you will probably have some combination of these three types of RV sofas: Jack-Knife Sofa, RV Futon Sofa, or a pull-out RV Sofa Bed. To clarify a little, an RV Jack-Knife Sofa is quite similar to a futon. The back of it folds down, and “poof!” You got a bed to sleep on.

RV Furniture for Sale Jackknife Sofa Bed Image

It’s been a while since I have actually slept on a Jack Knife Sofa, but the last time I had the occasion to do so; I wasn’t terribly impressed. Of course, the one I slept on was an old vinyl one that wasn’t long enough. And, I got the pleasure of sleeping on the crack between the two halves of the sofa.

Now, in saying this, I’m sure they have improved over the years. So, you may have a vastly different experience with your particular Jack Knife RV Sofa bed. Either way quality is a must, unless of course you don’t mind waking up in need of a wheelchair.

Fold Out RV Sofa Bed

The type of RV sleeper sofa that I would generally tend to gravitate toward is the fold-out type. They've really improved sleeper sofas over the years. Today, most of them have much thicker RV mattresses, and you can buy them now without the horrid “metal bar.” God, those bars across the back were killers!

Most of the folding RV sofa beds you’re likely to come across will probably be equipped with a twin or full RV mattress. If you own a luxury travel trailer or luxury motorhome you may be able to get a king or queen sized RV sofa bed. But, twin and full will likely be more the standard than the larger camper mattress.

Anyway, RV manufacturers are always looking for creative ways to maximize the comfort level, and sleeping capacity of their recreational vehicles. Providing quality RV furniture and RV sofas are just one way that they accomplish that goal. Another way they maximize comfort and sleeping capacity is by utilizing the RV dinette booth as a bed. But, we’ll chat a little more about that when we move over to the camper kitchen area.

Dual Recliner RV Sofa

The two sleeper sofas in my 1998 Jayco 5th Wheel travel trailer were a bit worn and on the shotty side when I first bought my fifth wheel. My camper had a Jack Knife Sofa on the end cap of my trailer, and a pull-out RV sleeper sofa situated next to the dinette booth. I wanted to replace both of them. So, I let my fingers do the walking, and searched for discount RV furniture for sale.

Picture of camper sofa bed

Where the pull out sleeper sofa was located, I put a new wall hugger dual recliner loveseat. It’s a dark brown bonded leather recliner that I bought on clearance at one of those furniture liquidator places. I bought it for about $350, and it fits quite well in the kitchen dinette / living room sofa slide-out.

My RV dual recliner is not a sleeper sofa, so I lost a bit of sleeping capacity. But, since I’m a full-time RV’er, it really didn’t negatively impact my living situation. In any event, the wall hugger dual recliner is certainly roomy enough, and comfortable enough for enjoying a lazy afternoon snooze. Actually, for me it’s been comfortable enough for an occasional “all night” snooze too.

On a side note, the image to the right is a picture of the original Jackknife Sofa that came with my Jayco 5th Wheel camper when I bought it. The couch was relatively easy to remove from the trailer because the seat and back could be folded down/together making it much easier to get through the front door.

Buy RV Furniture: RV Sofa and Dual Recliner Buying Tips

So, what things should you consider when you buy an RV dual recliner? Well, the very first thing I’d recommend you do is to measure the camper slide-out space so you know what size dual recliner loveseat or pull-out sleeper sofa the slider will accommodate.

Another hugely important factor that I, and probably most others, didn’t initially think about; was whether or not my new RV sofa would actually fit through the front door of my camper. Fortunately, I had a friend with me when I bought my new dual recliner camper sofa. He thought of a few things that hadn't even crossed my mind. Here’s a few of those pointers below:

On a side note, the photo in this section is of my RV dual recliner loveseat. I know, it's not the greatest picture; but it's the only one I could put my hands on at this point. I'll try to replace it with a better pic if I can locate one.

  • Wall Hugger Recliner – Make sure when you’re shopping for reclining RV furniture to put in a slide-out, that it’s the “wall hugger” type. This is important whether it’s a dual or single recliner chair. If it’s not, the recliner will jut out into the room two or three more feet when fully reclined. Depending on the size of your recreational vehicle, this can pose quite an infringement on the living area of your travel trailer or motorhome.
Image of RV Dual Recliner Sofa
  • Removable Sofa Back – Another thing I hadn’t given much thought on, was fitting the new camper / motorhome recliner loveseat through the front door of my 5th wheel RV. Since I’m used to being able to fit just about any piece of furniture through the front door, the possibility that I might not be able to never crossed my mind.

    So, be sure that your dual recliner has a removable back. It really makes a world of difference when it comes to getting it into your recreational vehicle. The recliner backs are pretty easy to take on and off. They are attached to the dual recliner loveseat via locking clips. And, once they’re removed the couch is lighter and much more manageable when moving it.
  • Release Lever vs. Recline Handle – The recliner release lever on your dual RV recliner will pop the foot rest out, but it provides no assistance when trying to get the foot rest back to the closed position.The “recline” handle on the other hand will not only raise the foot rest, but it also provides assistance when lowering it back to the parked position. The recliner handle really comes in handy, and as for me; I prefer them over the release lever type. Unfortunately, my RV recliner sofa isn't equipped with the lever handle.

On a side note: It’s much less taxing to know all the measurements before going shopping to buy new discount RV furniture. If that fancy new sleeper sofa, single recliner, or dual recliner won’t fit into your trailer, you’re going to be a very unhappy camper when it won’t fit through the door. Regardless of the type of furnishings you’re looking for: bed, dinette table, dinette booth, et cetera; make sure that it either folds or has removable backs to make it easier to get it into, and out of your RV should the need ever arise to replace it.

So, these are a few of my experiences with the RV dual recliner I put in my fifth wheel trailer. Hopefully, this will give you a few points to ponder when selecting your own sofa, recliner, or other new or used RV furniture.

Dining Room RV Furniture for Sale

Whether you are living in your recreation vehicle, or you are using it for family outings and weekend getaways; having comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture is a must.

When it comes to RV dining room furniture, you generally have two options available in most recreational vehicle applications. Your camper or motorhome will either be equipped with a dinette booth configuration, or a stand-alone dinette table.

Image of Jayco 5th Wheel RV Dinette Booth

My Jayco camper had a 4-person RV dinette booth. That's a photo of it to the left. It was relatively comfortable, the dinette cushions were covered in removable fabric, and you kinda felt like you were eating in a 1950’s diner. At least that’s where my mind went when I was seated there.

I liked the booth, but it could probably have been a little more spacious for my tastes. However, I’m sure that all hinges on how big the travel trailer or motorhome is.

RV dining room or kitchen furniture is generally limited to either a stand-alone RV dinette table or an RV dinette booth. Naturally, this may vary depending on the size, style, and grade of your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer. Luxury models will most likely offer RV’ers additional space and décor options.

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