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An RV dinette set, whether it is free standing or booth style, is an integral part of any motorhome, or travel trailer. Finding the right discount RV dinette for sale can be a bit of a daunting task at times, but we think we can help you find the right RV dining table to suit your needs. Ridge RV showcases a number of replacement dinette bed cushions, various table tops and a wide variety of other RV replacement parts.

An RV Dinette set is generally available in two basic configurations. One type of RV dining table is composed of a free-standing dinette table with four chairs. This table generally accommodates up to 4 people, and the added benefit is that the chairs can be moved around to provide additional elbow room etc for your dinner guests.

The other common type of travel trailer or motorhome dinette is known as an RV Booth Dinette. The configurations that I have seen for this particular dining arrangement are the 4 seat dinette booth, and the U shaped dinette booth.

​At first glance, the U shaped RV dinette lounge, appears as though it would seat a larger number of guests than a standard booth. On this question, I cannot speak from personal experience as I have never owned a fifth wheel camper or other recreational vehicle that was equipped with this type of dining table.

Camper RV Dinette for Sale

​However, what I can say about this configuration is that I can't imagine they would generally accommodate more than a maximum of 6 adults. Two in the middle seated in the booth, one person on either end, and perhaps two seated in regular chairs on the opposite side of the booth middle.

​Personally, I think 6 people would be a bit of a stretch. Based on the sizes that I have seen, I believe that six people seated and trying to eat at any of these RV dinette booths would be "a whole lotta torture." Just sayin!

I suppose the accommodations in one of the luxury motorhomes might surprise me. However, in an average travel trailer or motorhome I think you'd really be pushing it to seat any more than 5 adults.

RV Dinette Booth or RV Dinette Tables?

So, what's the best type of RV dinette for sale? Which configuration type do you choose? A four seat RV dinette booth, the U shaped booth, or a free standing dinette table? I'm sorry to say, but I really can't answer that question for you. It's really more about personal preference, and personal needs than anything else.

All of these popular types of RV dining tables will provide you, and your fellow happy campers, with the basics of a kitchen table to eat on, and chairs or booth seats to sit in. But, at the end of the day it comes down to how many people you need to accommodate, and whether or not you prefer to sit in a booth or at a table.

My personal preference, when I first purchased my 1998 Jayco Fifth Wheel, was the dinette booth. Why? Because that's what my camper was equipped with. I guess in hindsight I didn't really have much of a choice but to like it, but I actually did like it at first.

What I liked about the dinette booth, and you may too, is that it's sort of an all-in-one type of arrangement, and the RV dinette cushions were well padded and quite comfortable. Also, the fact that the dinette converts into a bed doesn't hurt either.

What I didn't particularly like about the ​booth style dining table is that it tends to be a bit on the restrictive side. The table top is fixed. The booth seats are fixed. There's no rearranging chairs or tables to accommodate for additional length or girth.

So, whichever U-shaped, Lounge, or Free-standing replacement RV dinette sets you ultimately ​decide to buy for your camper or motorhome; I hope I've provided you with a few things to consider before making your final decision.

Take a moment and browse our selection of RV dinette sets.​

RV Dinette Cushions for Your RV Booth

Image of Jayco 5th Wheel RV Dinette Booth

Another thing to consider when deciding on which type of dining table configuration, is how easily you can replace the seat cushions and seat covers. If you use your camper, travel trailer or motorhome with any regularity, or are a full-timer living aboard; the dinette cushions will eventually become worn and need replacing.

In the case of the free standing RV dining table and chairs, this would likely require some sort of reupholstery job, unless your particular dinette set has easily obtainable, and replaceable seats and backs. If you are handy, or have prior experience with this, reupholstery may not present much of a problem for you. If however you are not the greatest do it yourself-er, this may be a little problematic.

On the flip side, dinette booth cushion covers can be washed, and if necessary, easily replaced with a simple unzipping and replacement of the old covers. And, unless you own a vintage RV or a poorly cared for camper; you probably can get away with just replacing the covers.

When I purchased my Jayco camper, I didn't have to replace the booth cushions or covers. I threw the covers in the washing machine to give them a through cleaning, ran them through the dryer, and popped them back on the old cushions. Just a few points as you consider the perfect replacement RV dinette for sale.

As a side note, the picture above is of my 1998 Jayco 5th wheel dinette. ​I suppose the fabric was a bit worn and dated, but it was in fairly decent shape when I bought the camper. Like I said, I only had to throw the covers in the washer, and all was well.

RV Dinette Table Tops

Another RV replacement part you may, at some point, be in the market for; is a replacement table top for your dinette booth, or free-standing RV dinette table. These tabletops are usually made from various materials including wood, Corian, and others. Naturally, the material will generally dictate the final product cost. However, table tops are fairly inexpensive, and can usually be bought for between $100 and $250.

So, take some time to browse through our table top, and other RV dinette for sale listings. We are confident that you will find the dinette sets and hardware you need for your recreation vehicle application.