RV Covers for Sale


Whether you own a teardrop camper, 5th wheel, motorhome, or something in between; if you own it long enough, you will need to replace the RV cover protecting it. Ridge RV can help you with finding a great deal on various discount RV covers for sale. We showcase a variety of popular name brands of recreational vehicle covers. Goldline, Expedition, Cover All, and ADCO, protect your favorite RV today.

When I lived in my Jayco 5th wheel camper, I really didn’t own it long enough to even consider looking around for RV covers for sale. Truthfully, that potential expenditure was just about the furthest thing from my mind. My primary objective for full-time RV living was to pay off some debt, and get in a better financial situation so I could ultimately buy a house.

My point, I guess, is that I haven’t had any personal ownership experience with recreation vehicle covers. So, in the spirit of full disclosure and honesty, I wanted to make that point clear.

That said however, longevity, brand recognition, reputation, and word of mouth are also great indicators of whether or not a product or brand is worthy of your hard earned cash. My estimation is that an ADCO RV cover is well worth the expenditure.

ADCO RV Covers for Sale

ADCO Products, Inc. has a long history for providing quality products to the recreational vehicle industry. In fact, ADCO is a family owned business that has been in business since 1955. During that time, they have produced millions of quality ADCO RV covers, and other types of protective covers as well.

In addition to camper and motorhome covers, ADCO also produces protective covers for ATV, car, motorcycle, truck, and horse trailer covers. Additionally, they also manufacture RV equipment covers to include: Tire Covers, Tyre Gards, RV Windshield Covers, A/C Covers, Propane Tank Covers, 5th Wheel Storage Skirt, Mirror and Wiper Covers, Solar Vent Cover, Rear Bike Travel Covers. Whew! That’s a pretty long list, and it doesn’t even cover the other product categories I previously mentioned.

Oops! In listing all of the other fine products that ADCO manufactures, I almost forgot to mention the three types of RV covers they produce. These cover categories are rooftop covers, universal, and custom. Regarding the universal category, it includes covers for toy haulers, Hi-Lo campers, pop-up campers, class A, B, and C, and more.

Types of ADCO RV Covers

Rooftop RV Cover

This ADCO RV cover is designed for to suit the needs of many recreational vehicle owners. These protective covers will fit 5th Wheel, and Toyhauler RV’s, Travel Trailers, and Class A and C motorhomes as well.

The main objective of the rooftop cover is to protect the roof from the blistering sun, damaging UV rays, and weather and environmental elements in general. They are designed for all climates, and will help to reduce premature aging of your recreation vehicle’s roof.

The ADCO rooftop RV cover is available in a variety of sizes to better accommodate your particular recreational vehicle needs. The protective cover sizes they currently produce are listed below.

  • 18' - 24' (roof length) x 30' (cover length)
  • 24' 1" - 30' (roof length) x 36' (cover length)
  • 30' 1" - 36' (roof length) x 42' (cover length)
  • 36' 1" - 40' (roof length) x (cover length) 49'

Additional Product Features

  • Constructed of DuPont Tyvek fabric
  • Cover is 100% breathable to aid in the prevention of mold and mildew
  • Installs in 15 minutes once familiar with product
  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of black streaks on the sides of your RV
  • Reduced need for tedious roof and RV maintenance chores like washing, waxing and roof treatments
  • ADCO 2 year manufacturer warranty