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Reasons I Chose Full Time RV Living

The answer to the question why I chose full time RV living is really a rather simple one. I decided to become a full-time RV’er for three primary reasons.

  • To pay down and pay off debt.
  • To fire my landlord.
  • To save money to buy a house.

Aside from those reasons, and the fact that it was a bit of an adventure, that’s pretty much it. That is why I decided to downsize and live in an RV for a period. See, I told you the answer was relatively simple.

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Full Time RV Living Average Cost and Expenses

The cost of living in an RV full-time will vary with the type of recreational vehicle you happen to own. Obviously, the cost or monthly expense required for full-time RV living in a 40' motorhome or a large luxury 5th wheel travel trailer will generally be higher than that of a 20’ camper or other smaller RV.

I lived full time in my Jayco 5th wheel camper for a a little over a year. Some of my basic utility costs like: RV Satellite TV and satellite internet service haven’t increased over what I was paying in my previous stick built home. But, other utility costs like propane and electric have increased a bit.

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Quality Replacement RV Awnings for Sale

It added additional living space. It was nice being outside more, and being a little more involved with nature. Most of us, myself included, spend entirely too much time in offices in front of computer screens.

God knows I do! I am in front of a monitor eight hours a day, five days a week at work. When I get home in the evening, after being parked in front of the PC all day, I park myself in front of my system at home for another four or five hours.

Well, let me get off that jag, and get to the point of this post…

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RV Refrigerators for Your Favorite Recreational Vehicle

Are you searching for quality RV refrigerators? We recently added an RV refrigerator product page to our site. There are a number of Dometic and Norcold recreational vehicle refrigerators listed for sale.

When you have some free time, browse through the RV refrigerators listed there. We highlight various makes and models, and also have a number of refrigerator replacement parts in case you should need them.

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RV Sinks for Your Recreational Vehicle

Hey Folks! It's Jeff here at

Are you in the market to buy a new, used, or replacement RV sink? If so, today just might be your lucky day.

We have recently updated our camper sinks page, and added additional RV sinks to our inventory listings. Some of the sinks include: double sinks, oval sinks, stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, composite and more for your review and selection.

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RV Awning Lights for Motorhomes, Campers, and Travel Trailers

I updated the RV awning lights page a few days ago. The updated page has a little bit of additional information on some of the optional RV light sets that are currently available to buy.

​So, if you are looking around for a nice set of RV awning lights, you should visit our page. It has listings for RV awning rope lights, globe awning lights (solid and multi color), lanterns, and much more.

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About Ridge RV Replacement Parts and the Guy Behind the Scenes

Hey Folks! It's Jeff here at

I just wanted to pop up a quick post to let you know that I finally added the much needed About Ridge RV Replacement Parts page. I know! I know! It's been a long time coming, but with revamping the site, and all of that; I just didn't have the time.

So finally got around to creating the page. I am in the process of working on an accompanying video as well. I'm not sure when I will have that completed, but i'm working on getting it out there as soon as possible.

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