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Hi everybody! It’s Jeff here at RidgeRV.com. I have been diligently working on getting the site changed from CamperPartsandSupplies.com to the new RidgeRV.com. I have an “About Ridge RV Replacement Parts” video in the works. It will introduce me, and give you a better understanding of who I am, why I moved into an RV full-time, and why I built this website. I will post it just as soon as I get it all finished.

My Initial Full Time RV’er Preparations

I purchased my first RV in January 2012. It was a 34 foot long 1998 Jayco Fifth Wheel. At any rate, I purchased it in January, and by June 2012 I had moved in full time.

In between purchasing and moving in, I went in and spruced the trailer up. I replaced some of the gaskets around a couple of the windows because there were some leaking issues. I ultimately wanted to put some Pergo Laminate Flooring down, so I needed to take care of some of the leaks. Fortunately, there was very minimal leaking around the RV Windows and Doors.

Let’s see, what other problems did I run into? Hmm… That’s pretty much it. The RV was really in pretty good condition. I needed to do a little bit of cleaning and that kind of thing, but overall it was in pretty good shape when I got it.

Why I Chose Full Time RV Living

One of the biggest motivations for moving into the RV was that I wanted to save a little bit of money, pay off some debt, fire my landlord, and that kind of thing. It was a really good experience.

After about eight months of full-time RV'ing, I hadn’t really had any problems to speak of. I did have to repair a few things, but hey it was a fifteen year old RV. So, a little maintenance and repair is something that you’d expect after that long a period of time.

In spite of a few "expected" repair annoyances, it was a really good experience. I was able to pay off some debt, and get a little closer to my goal of being debt free, and buying a modest home with a modest mortgage.

If you’re thinking about moving into an RV for any of the reasons I've indicated above, I recommend it! Go for it! What do you have to lose? Depending on where you park your RV, you won’t be paying rent anymore, you won’t be paying a mortgage anymore, and you'll get an opportunity to get your financial house in better order.

I had my 5th wheel camper parked in the back of my parents yard on the concrete patio. I know! It probably sounds kinda hillbilly, but it worked. I no longer had to hand my cash to a landlord, and receive “NOTHING” at the end of the lease term.

Adjusting to Full Time RV Living

Aside from the initial adjustment period that I had with regard to moving into my RV, everything worked out quite well. There were some initial downsizing pains that I experienced. I had to get rid of some of my belongings. Actually, I had to get rid of most of my belongings. I rented an on-site storage bin to store the things I didn't get rid of.

My Full Time RV’ing Setup

Like I said earlier, I parked my recreational vehicle on the concrete patio, in the back of my parents home. There was a shed on the property that I turned into a home office / studio. I wasn't strictly limited to the space of a 34 foot RV, so the adjustment wasn't as difficult as it "may" have otherwise been.

What can I say? It works! And, it’s a helluva lot cheaper than paying a landlord or having some astronomical mortgage payment.

Full Time RV’ing vs. Mortgages and Landlords

I hear of some people who have two thousand, three thousand, and up; mortgages. Jeez! I don’t know how they can even sleep at night! First of all, lets be very clear, I couldn’t afford those outlandish amounts anyway. But, even if I could, I wouldn’t want to afford it.

I mean, the mortgage lending industry talks about “interest rates are at an all-time low!” Go on out and get yourself three! I mean, you get a mortgage rate of 2.4% and then they try to put you in the Taj Mahal that you can’t afford! I don’t want that! I don’t want that in my life. I don’t want to be 80 and still paying a mortgage! If I live that long! Knock on wood!


Anyway, that’s why I moved into an RV. Also, I’ve always had a bit of a passion for RV’s, mobile homes, and that whole concept. All of this is what brought me to full-time RV living, and building this website.

Thanks for stopping by RidgeRV.com.

Take care.

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